Take a seat..

My husband and I are tackling a few rooms in our "new" (to us) brick ranch. Okay, okay, we have been here a little over a year now but we still say we are "new" to the home because we haven't dove in to making each space "ours". 

I'm sure you can relate.. that life happens. Things get busy. Weekend trips pile up, holidays are thrown in there, weddings, starting up a business, hosting company, transitions, etc. All of these things are just the start of why we haven't gotten around to all of the small projects and changes to our home we would like to conquer. 

But, here's the good news; we have agreed to take on ONE space/room at a time this year in transforming it the way we want it to finally be! :) So, you're going to be lucky enough to embark on that journey with us! No, I can't say today marks the first day of one of those rooms, but the planning process has surely begun. I'm working on the mood board, product selections and plans for our first space. We decided to treat our little ranch like our very own client. (having all the space planning, selections, elevations of walls, and paint colors selected before attempting to tackle each space), so that it soon becomes a check list of changes per room to get done to complete the look! This decision came about after making minor tweaks and buying random product for various rooms in our house and never walking away fully satisfied because the "look" wasn't achieved. We were "half-way" (if that) personalizing each space & never had a definite plan. 

Want to get the inside scoop on our first space to get the overall here at our brick ranch?

The "Nook" 

that's the name of the small area right off the living room that its purpose has yet to be revealed (okay, honestly, we are still honing in on the functional use of the space and what would work best for us as a family). But there you have it, the Nook. That's the first room up! 

Today, the focus of this room is seating.

guess it wouldn't be totally fair to ask your opinions and favorites of a product without knowing our inspiration or end result & direction. Here's a snippet of the style we'd like to achieve in this space: (shows color pallet & vibE)

(via Pinterest)

(via Pinterest)

We know that, no matter what the space provides, it will provide seating of some kind. Here are some of our top-runners for seating selections, comment and let us know which one is your favorite! (Keep in mind, we are turning all of the bold color and eclectic in for neutrals and classic design/cottage chic) Okay, here are our favorites so far:

Stay tuned for the selected winner! Let us know your feedback and opinion of these 4 options!

Until tomorrow.. -xo