Plant life ..

Happy Monday, y'all! I hope your weekend was as relaxing / productive / refreshing as ours was! 

My husband and I were able to spend time with family, each other, our puppies & with friends! Most weekends it's hard to say that we are able to do all of those things without running out of time, but this weekend.. it happened.

In other news..

Um, we are in quite an odd season. The weather has been strange. We are in between holidays, and it's hard to know exactly what type of plant or flower to have throughout our homes or spaces. 

I think for me, I have a few go-to's all year round and for this season in particular they seem to work great! Check em' out and let me know what your favorite flower or plant is that you like to use throughout your home in January! 

(via pinterest) 

This room is great because it actually shows 2 of my favorites - the fiddle leaf tree & hydrangeas! How fresh does it make this space feel?

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Boxwood Topiaries are another favorite! Once again, all year-round these beauties can be used throughout the home or even for exterior decor!

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Cacti and potted plants are always so rejuvenating in a room & it's fun to mix up the pot or vase they're in! 

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Tulips are always a good idea! They come in so many great colors and can brighten up any room, but I think my favorite is the white. Plain and simple and chic... white.

Comment below your favorite & let us know what other plants or flowers we should try using this season in our home! -xo