Jeffrey Alan Marks for Kravet

The coast has been on my mind a lot in the past week.  

When will my husband and I move back?

Should we sell our house soon?

How fast could we pack up and get back to the place we met & love?


I'll let you know when we decide to be bold and make the move .. but until then, 

it got me thinking about a very coastal and beachy fabric line that I love! Last year, I got the opportunity to meet the  man himself, Jeffrey Alan Marks!

His newest line for Kravet is amazing and reminds me so much of the coast and all of its glory! Take a look at some of my favorite ones from that line.. 

It was cool to hear the stories behind the design and creation of this patterns and fabrics! The first pattern (in two color ways), was actually inspired by the water polo nets from the game he so often played growing up! 

I adore the fish pattern (titled "Upstream Ocean") and all of the blues/neutrals in this particular line! Sure does make missing the coast even more obvious! 

I'll let you know when I start packing up the house!