the best grey ..

Whoa, this weekend was covered in snow, ice and clouds! I'm definitely ready for some warmer temps, salt air and the beach! all this winter weather has heightened my need for the coast.. 

speaking of wintery weather and grey skies, what are your favorite greys? for walls, for clothing, for nail polish, for accessories? It's crazy how different greys are from one another and yet we always just refer to it as ONE color.. take a look.. 

Better Homes and Garden - via pinterest

Which is your favorite paint color? 

textiles / fabrics - via pinterest 

Chunky greys, soft greys, knits, texture..

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they can go anywhere..

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rich, dark grey.. makes a sophisticated statement

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softer, light greys..keeps spaces light and airy.

So, what shade of grey are you usually drawn to? rich, soft, light, dark, blue-grey, taupey (is that a word)? 

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Happy Monday, everyone! Don't let all the "greys" get to you.. let's have a sun-shiney week!