Fashion & Compassion

I'm so excited to take you on our journey with Fashion & Compassion! we had a chance to get involved last week & experience all the great work they're doing! be sure to read our fun interview after all the colorful pics of their organization & snag our PROMO CODE TO USE ON YOUR NEXT ORDER!

We had a chance to sit down with Co-founder, Celeste and grab a few pivotal and meaningful answers about the organization as a hole as well as a few personal questions; check it out:

1. What does Fashion and Compassion ultimately stand for? Why does it exist?  Fashion & Compassion ultimately stands for BEAUTY & DIGNITY.  Our mission is to bring BEAUTY to both our Customers and Artisans through the jewelry we create as well as DIGNITY to the lives of the women we have the privilege of watching overcome poverty & injustice.

2. What has been the biggest reward during this whole process?  The biggest reward(s) that we’ve seen since launching Fashion & Compassion has been the healing experienced by of a few of our Artisans and their families.  One of our Charlotte Artisans was reunited with her sons after 8 years of separation; another Charlotte Artisan spent her 1st Christmas with her 5 sons after being incarcerated and we’ve seen a daughter and step-mom deepen their relationship with one another thru serving others.  We’ve also had the privilege of helping our Ministry Partner in Ecuador provide a new safe home to minors rescued out of trafficking there; the proceeds from the sales of our Hope Collection provide an Academic Coordinator for these sweet girls.  I literally could list 1,000 ways that we’ve been blessed over the past 3 1/2 years.

3. what keep you guys going every day?  The rewards mentioned above as well as seeing how our Artisans are progressing in their healing process – from growing deeper in their faith with Christ, their families being reunited or restored and for some of them, even physical healing due to the relationships that we’ve built with our Ministry Partners that correlate to each of our projects.

4. When was F&C founded? By whom?  Fashion & Compassion was founded in October of 2012 by Celeste Bundy and Michele Dudley.  We previously sold products for 3 years under the umbrella of Seeds of Hope which is a non-profit attached to Forest Hill Church.

5. What is one of the biggest upcoming events for F&C?  On May 4th we’ll host our 1st Annual Fashion Show & Most Compassionate Women in Charlotte Awards Ceremony which will raise awareness about some of the issues that we deal with on a daily basis – specifically domestic violence, immigration and the effects of labor & sex trafficking.  We are still looking for Nominees for the Most Compassionate Women so if you would like to suggest someone, please visit our website at  Also, tickets will go on sale March 1st for only $25/per person!

6. What's one thing you want people who aren't familiar with F&C to know .. about the shop, the ladies, the organization, the jewelry, etc?  One of the main things that differentiates F&C from our competitors is that we are a NON-PROFIT which means that we donate 100% of our net proceeds back to our Ministry/Collaborative Partners who have the privilege of being a part of the holistic empowerment of our Artisans.

7. Right now, what is your favorite piece of jewelry that's available? O.M.G.  It’s our Multi-Strand Wooden Necklace.  I LOVE THIS NECKLACE SO MUCH!!  It makes my heart smile every time I wear it. :)

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8. What can customers expect when they walk through the doors of F&C? One of the most amazing things that we hear when people visit our boutique in Historic Dilworth is that the building & the people are so welcoming.  Hearing laughter come from lives that have experienced such hurt is medicine to all of our souls.  And looking at beautiful, handmade, fair-trade jewelry, bags & clothing that all serve a much greater purpose isn’t too bad either.

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