Rugs that dogs can love too..

Okay, maybe I'm the only one, but sometimes its hard finding good rugs that work with your space and furry animals too. We have two puppies (and my puppies I mean, full, big, grown dogs), and figuring out the best rug option for different spaces can be tricky with them. 

You don't want anything too light to show EVERY SINGLE hair or dog print, & you also don't want anything too plush that it immediately gets ruined after a few lazy days of laying around on it (the dogs, that is) .. 

So, here's what I'm working with.. 

Cute, right? 

Right.. but like I said, rugs can be hard with these guys! (Ryleigh and Chaco)

Here are some of my favorites if you're looking for rug options with dogs or other pets!

Sisal or Jute rugs are amazing! Their texture is wonderful for the pups and they're easy clean up, don't show every hair and don't get ruined from a few sleeps on them! 

Low-pile rugs are great! These all happen to be  "traditional" style options! But low-pile, in general, are great for pets! You want to make sure they're not too plush for all of the constant weight that will be on them throughout the day!

The infamous "Antelope" carpet from Stark is always a favorite, of course! We actually have a runner in our home of the antelope & it is a God-send. It truly hides everything! If we could put it throughout our entire home, I think we would! Animal print with animals on it is such a great way to hide all the dirt, hair and tracks! It's a commercial grade option that is so beautiful! 

I hope these options will help you when you go to select your perfect rug while keeping the furry ones in mind! 



(all images via Pinterest)