Monday Meet-up with Haley Bohon of SkillPop

Last month I got the opportunity to teach an interior design class to 25 amazing ladies here in Charlotte in the cutest shop, Classic Attic! I was honored to be ask to share my passion and teach others the basics of interiors! Today, I thought it would be fun to meet the founder of such an awesome company, SkillPop & let her explain to you just what they set out to accomplish! 

Meet, Haley Bohon; 

In two sentences, tell us about yourselfI've lived in North Carolina my whole life, but moved to Charlotte just over three years ago after graduating from NC State (go wolfpack!). In the past two years my husband and I have gotten married, bought a house, and started a business - I guess you could say that we're good at embracing change!

What is SkillPop? SkillPop is a company I started to make in-person learning more accessible. We offer pop-up classes on everything from photography to marketing to calligraphy, all in small settings and all taught by local professionals. We're currently just in the greater Charlotte area, but have hopes to expand later this year!

What’s been your favorite class so far? Oh man - can I pick a few? Photography is always one of my favorites because it's so practical, but our teacher also makes it really fun. I love our Modern Watercolors class because it feels almost therapeutic, and we did a Coffee & Chocolate Pairing class last week that was to die for. Of course, Sarah's Interior Design class was pretty incredible too ;) 

What are some of the venues you guys use to host classesWe do our classes pop-up style all over the Queen City. A large majority of them are at coworking spaces like Hygge Coworking or Industry Coworking, but we've also done them at consignment stores (Classic Attic), museums, and salons. 

Where do you see SkillPop in 4 yearsGreat question! I would love to see SkillPop grow extensively across the South East, and we have plans to get started on this in late 2016 - we've already gotten requests to expand to 4 unique cities. Ultimately, though, my hope is for us to transform what learning looks like outside of traditional education. We've gotten a small start on this, but have some big dreams for where we're headed.

How can we sign up for a class? Easy! Visit to see current offerings and register for your first class. We're offering 2-3 classes per week right now and have new options coming out often, so the best way to stay up to date is to sign up for our newsletter at