Quick tips for freshening up!

We all have that space or room in our home that feels gloomy and muggy, right? 

No matter what we do, it feels dark and out-dated.. 

I know, I know.. you probably don't want to put a ton of time, energy and money into that little nook off your living area, so I'm here today to tell you, there's hope! 

I'm going to run through 3 quick tips to refreshing THAT dreaded space that never gets love! 

1. New paint color; 

I know what you're thinking.. paint JUST that space? Well.. depending on the size, yes! It's such a quick and easy way to brighten up any area in your home! Try a fresh coat of a cool gray, off-white, or stark white. Check out these rooms below that are full of light because of their wall color and brightness! 

Via pinterest

via pinterest

2. A little pop of color 

A 'pop of color' .. we hear that all the time, am I right? Well, in the case of freshening up a space and bringing dry bones to life, this is a must. Let me show you a few examples of this saying that we throw around like confetti ;) 

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via bungalow 5.

3. Fresh lighting 

Lighting can sometimes get looked over. For some people, they look at is as part of the architecture of the house or room. They hesitate to change out the lighting because it seems so permanent. Let me just say, there are a ton of great, and affordable options out there for lighting that can transform a space and bring a fresher feel! 

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I hope these little tips have been helpful in getting some of your creative juices flowing! Let us know if you have a problem area or room in your home you just can't seem to figure out!