Paint colors >> the big debate

How in the world has it been over  s i x  months since my last blog post?!?! I am so sorry guys! That is a true testament of how life can become a whirlwind and you not even realize it! 

Since my last post, we welcomed a sweet baby girl into a our lives & have already celebrated 4 months with her! We have tackled numerous client projects and began with with lots of new ones too! It's been quite a learning experience to balance mommy-hood and the business at the same time, but it's been the best thing I've ever been trusted with. It's truly an honor to continue working with clients and doing what I love, and also mothering my sweet girl every, single, day.

If you follow along with me on social media, be prepared for lots of pictures of Piper Marie & our daily musings! But don't worry, I don't forget about design and pretty little things either! There's lots of that too ;) Stay up to date with latest projects, plans and designs for clients and the whole process! It's quite a journey! 

Anyway.. the point the of this blog post was not to ramble about my life and how I've completely abandoned you the past few months, but talk all things 'paint colors'. I get it, it can be overwhelming to narrow down the right shade or tint for a space. It's hard to know exactly what it'll look like when all the walls are painted 'that' color, compared to the 2"x2" square sample you're staring at. It's difficult to envision all your existing furniture pieces and rugs up against 'that' color and how it will transition to other rooms in the home.

Trust me, I deal with this on a weekly basis - picking paint colors for homes, exteriors, offices, you name it..

I will say, this year, I'm making the transition of always leaning towards the grey tones, to feeling out the water in the taupes and creams. Will you do this with me? It could be a refreshing new jumping off point to start our search in the paint deck in the white/creams as opposed to the cool greys. Come on, everyone's {not} doing it ... yet. To me, a change can make a big difference in how we feel in our homes or spaces and how the furniture and selections we make for each room ultimately look.

I am going to run through a list of new favorites and examples of rooms with the 'new' grey.

Check it out:

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  • These are all great neutrals for main living areas, bedroom + kitchens.
  • They're warm without being TOO warm
  • They're welcoming and fresh
  • They're great tone setters for a main area in a home
  • They're excellent backdrops for classic designs and furniture




To break it down a little further, here are some examples of rooms with these warmer tones on the walls ..

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This space is so classic and elegant without being too stiff. This is Benjamin Moore, Pale Oak. I love the look of this color on the walls. It's not too grey and it's not too modern/cool.

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I love the transitional twist to this living area! It's traditional with pops of color and unique pieces! It almost feels coastal without doing starfish and ropes! 

Accessible Beige is such a good choice! (The living area shown above is in 50% of Accessible Beige and it's one of my favorites!)

That's always a customizable route to take.. don't do the full vibrancy of the color. I love having clients envision the color we select in only half of it's radiance. Sometimes that's the way to go! To soften a room a little and make the backdrop to the space a bit less harsh.


So, if you're painting a large space, a small nook or an entire home, these are my top two pics for greiges/beiges right now! 

They're fresh and clean .. and  not at all 'yellow'

Let's bring it back, y'all!