Before & After of a fresh breakfast room // Part I

Before and afters are always my favorite to look back on. Transformations are so fun. I think it's seeing that much progress in a room that amazes me. It's crazy to think what a difference a paint color, lighting and window treatments can do [okay, okay, we changed quite a few other things] but y'all, transformations can be made with minimal changes. It's all about knowing which changes to make and what pieces to work with but rework them. 

So, without further ado, check out this sweet little breakfast nook we got the privilege to work on! 


Okay, are you ready for it? 

Are you sure? ... you're ready?

A F T ER  we got a hold of it.. 

What a calming color; I was so happy with how Sea Salt turned out for this room. With all of the natural light, it was able to truly be put on display! The walls feel new and improved and inviting! 

This is by far one of our favorite pendants for lots of different rooms in the home! But for this project in particular, it was the perfect selection over the breakfast table! It's chic, yet not up tight. It pairs great with our custom window treatments and the style of our skirted dining chairs! [and yes, we got those monogrammed :) Had to add a little more personalization and character to the already adorable space]


I think we often skip over the small details in a space. For example, the place settings, the greenery, the accents, .... all the little things. But y'all, they matter! They're so important in bringing the overall design together and making the room feel .. well... complete.

I'm a sucker for Homegoods and World Market when it comes to those small details! For me, it's fun to be able to find unique goodies at Homegoods in the final stage of an install. I completely agree with investing in the nice pieces for the room and making sure you get the best of the best for most of the bigger items, but when it comes to napkin rings and faux plants, do not discount the thrill of Homegoods! This is a fine example of how custom work and fabric selections can sit nicely with not so expensive details in the end.

Coming up..PART II of this amazing transformation