Part II of the kitchen transformation >>

Sorry for the delay in this Part II edition of the kitchen transformation we recently completed! Do you ever think you're going to knock something out for the week, and then all of sudden the weekend is here and a million other things took its place?! Ahhh.

So, here ya go! 

Here's the other side of the kitchen that wasn't revealed in Part I.



So, we did a little 'paint' magic, new lighting, new accent chairs and ART! 

We even changed out the hardware on the cabinet piece to tie in the new cooler tones of this kitchen! 

We brought in new barstools for the island that made a huge difference! Before these upholstered stools were used, there were black wood barstools that made the room feel dark and outdated.

I know this is an awful shot of the island before, but it's all I could find on my trusty iPhone :( (you can semi-see the previous island lighting in this pic & the traditional, intricate style of it. We had to spruce it up a little!)


The island pendants, barstools, new rug and wall color helped bring this space to life! 

What's your favorite part that we changed? Leave in the comments below! 

& happy designing :)