Prepping your patio to be 'party-ready' //

Before the fourth of July rolls around and all of the other summer festivities begin, we wanted to leave you guys with a few easy/quick fixes for your outdoor space or patio! It can be overwhelming to host parties or cookouts and we hope these little tips will make decorating the outdoors a little easier! 

1. String a few Edison lights 

(This adds warmth to the space & creates a 'room' without walls. It can make a big patio or deck feel more cozy and inviting)

You can find them here


Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 11.15.50 AM.png
patio lights.jpg

2. Add some fun new throw pillows 

pillows 3.jpg

New outdoor pillows can go a long way! They can bring in fresh new colors and layers to the existing furniture! 

3. Fill up your bar-cart with cold drinks, plants and vases 

4. Potted plants / different sizes 

Create various height on your patio or deck with plant stands and different size potted plants. It may seem crazy to bring in lots of plants to the outdoor space but this only adds more layers and depth to the space. 

plants 2.jpg

5. Add colorful poufs or garden stools

This is an easy way to add additional seating and surface space for drinks & food!

garden stool 3.jpg
garden stool.jpg
garden stool 4.jpg

Let us know if this simple tips helped you spruce up your outdoor space and prepare for your next cookout or party! 

Now, back to prepping for a day on the beach and a little vitamin D!