Fun fabrics and pillow combos.. easy as 1,2,3.

Holy, moly! How has it been 6 months since our last blog post?! I promise this month we are going to be cranking out lots of fun and exciting posts that are crammed pack with tips and tricks for the home! So, be sure to check back weekly for inspiration, ideas and support! :) 

This week, I wanted to focus on selecting fabric and pillows for the bed (or anywhere to be honest! Large sofas, built-in seating, outdoor patios, etc).

I will be giving you 3 main 'rules' I try to stick to when selecting fabrics for pillows or ready-made options! Are you ready? I promise its not a lot to jot down, but take notes if you want to make selecting pillows a tadddddd easier for your next project! (these are just MY guidelines - so feel free to create what works for you:))  Okay, let's get started!

1. Create a combination that varies in scale

---> by this I mean, make sure your fabrics' patterns aren't all the same size and scale as they sit together on the sofa or bed, etc. You want to add dimension to the space but selecting patterns that vary in their scale. This also helps each one stand out a little more and take it's on stage! 

(a few pics for examples of SCALE variation - all pics via Pinterest)

These combinations show lots of range in scale - small dots, paired with large florals and big geometrics. And because they're so different they're able to really stand out TOGETHER and not get taken over by one another.

2. Solids aren't always bad or boring! 

So often, some of my favorite combos for pillow selections incorporate a fun solid! Did you hear that? FUN! This is where you can play around with texture on the solid or let it be a grounding piece to a more bold pattern! Check out some of these samples! 


This was a client's master bedroom that we were able to 'dress up the solid' lumbar a little with some trim and a monogram, but it's my favorite pillow on the bed and it's SOLID! Here's a few more.. 

The final tip I would give you when selecting pillow combinations is...

3. Pick one you LOVE and compliment it! 

Okay, confusing I know... What this means is, find that ONE fabric you just cannot live without! Maybe its a super bold pattern or floral or print! Maybe it's even a small dot that you love the coloration of.. Whatever it may be, compliment it. (using these little tips). So, make sure you compliment with varying scale and do not be afraid of solids! 

Let me walk you through this a little more. Okay, let's pretend I am creating a whole space around this beautiful Lulie Wallace print below:

.. (by the way, I LOOOOVE this fabric and would do my entire house in her textiles and art if I could).

But, I may pair this pretty print with a small simple print or large stripe (varying scale) and a really pretty velvet solid. 

The lavender pillow is from Light and Dwell's online shop! And the solid velvet number is from an all-time favorite shop: McGee and Co. 

So, there ya have it! A few easy tips and tricks that I like to go by when selecting pillows for clients and for our own home! 

I hope this was helpful & we can't wait to share some more fun things this month to make designing and decorating a little less of a pain ;)

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